This class provides a foundation to understanding what espresso is, how to make it and how to taste it.

You will explore the history of espresso and its evolution over time as well as its organoleptic attributes.

There is no better (or more fun) way to learn about espresso than to make it yourself. Using professional-grade equipment you will learn to grind, tamp and pull shots like a barista.


Dell’Aria we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our senses and our relationship to food and coffee. Check up on this page frequently as we offer a rotating schedule of experimental classes geared at challenging our senses and understanding of how we enjoy coffee and food.


Cupping is procedure used to taste and evaluate coffee to insure quality, consistency and accuracy when purchasing green coffee. It is also use to assign numeric scores to coffees and assign value in the marketplace.

Join us in learning this valuable skill as it will help when buying coffee, blending and roasting or brewing in the cafe or at home.